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Display Masters from Voucher

  • Description
    This add-on facilitates to display masters from voucher screen. User won’t require exit from voucher screen. This will create more important role in user environment where security is put to restrict create / alter any master and user can only display master. In this case, user has to exit from voucher and to display it from related menu. Also, it helps to view master from voucher display mode. Many a times, it required to see any ledger detail like contact details or other configuration during voucher entry. And if user is restricted to alter master, then he / she is not able to see master right from voucher screen. This feature enables to see master from voucher screen itself using Alt + Enter. Highlights Display party master right from voucher screen. Supports to display other masters also like stock item, godown, cost centre, employee etc. Works from all voucher modes i.e. creation, alteration& display. Extend security by keeping master alteration restricted. Allows user to navigate to masters from voucher display mode also. A Quality Product of Impressive Star!
  • Compatible With
    Version : Tally.ERP9 Release 6.0 to Release 6.6

User Wise Activity Tracking & Logging

  • Description
    Tracking or logging the daily activities of users is a necessary practice to establish answerability, but at the same time it’s very difficult to maintain it seamlessly. You, as the admin always require more information with the details like how many entries by whom and who has created/altered how many master & vouchers. Now sit back & relax! This comprehensive report does it all, by recording all necessary credentials. Keep an eye on each and every moment of your business by easily knowing who has done what & when.
  • Compatible With
    Version : Tally.ERP9 Release 6.0 to Release 6.6
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Display Masters from Voucher, User Wise Activity Tracking & Logging


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